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The Ghosts of Detention (aka The Wedgie Club)

Setting: 1980's High School Detention and Drama Club

See end of script for Cast of Characters

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free full length play for teen teenagers high school with monologues



I need detention.  I really need  detention. See, there's this girl... I know, I know, it always starts with a girl ... But this girl is special... I mean it this time... Really special.  Her name is Harmony... But she goes my Harm.  Cute huh? She can harm me any time she wants.  And she has too.  A couple of times.  But I deserved it... Cause I touched her once.  I didn't touch her anywhere bad.  Just on the shoulder. And she broke my finger.  So I guess we kind of have held hands.  I was just gonna ask to borrow a pencil.  One of those ones she sharpens with her pocket knife and then throws in the ceiling all over school.  She even got one in the gym ceiling.  You know how high that is?  Like 5000 feet.  And I just stand under those pencils, hoping one will fall down and I can have one of them for my very own.  Something to remember her by.  Until I get in to detention.  I gotta figure out some way to get detention because I wanna see her more... Be with her more... And turn Harm into Harmony again... Cause I see that beautiful harmony under all that black and gloom.  She just needs a reason to smile and I want to be that reason. So I have to get detention.  What's something good... I mean I want it to be really, really good so I get thrown in there for a long time... Plus I have to make it worth it... Something great that she can respect... How about giving the principal a wedgie? That would do it... A good old up the back over the head mega wedgie.  Let's do this.

SCENE 2 -The girl who broke his finger

(HARM wears all black and is sharpening a pencil with a pocket knife)


I don't like to be touched... By anyone... Ever.

Touch me and I touch you back... With my fist.

I want to hurt them... Cause them pain like they did to me... Suffer... Squirm... Beg for mercy.

This guy touched me... with a big smile on his face... Like he did it to be funny... And I broke his finger...

Back in detention again for it... I wonder how long they can keep me in there... I must've racked up a few years by now... At the rate I'm going, I will 30 before I get out of high school detention.

What's the point of trying... no point in being good and pretending because it never gets me anywhere... I've stopped wishing I'm something, I'm not.

SCENE 3 -Wishing

(PENNY is the school drama leading lady)


Have you ever made a wish? I make them all the time. I watch for the first star each night...

"Star light star bright, first star I see tonight... I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight..." I always make the same wish, but I can't tell what it is. Then it might not come true. I really want it to. It would change my life.

I go to wishing wells with lucky pennies... Those pennies you find that people have lost... Unlucky for them... Lucky for me... Then I toss them in the wishing well in front of the old museum.

And I toss them in the fountain at the mall... Each time making my wish.

Have you ever wanted anything that badly in your life?  So badly that you can't imagine your future without it?

I would be so sad if my life weren't different... If things didn't change... If I was still stuck here... In this life.  But I won't stop wishing... I can't...

I don't want to be left with nothing... zero... give me some meaning... and make this suffering worth while.


Someone runs out in local team colors and a big "O" painted on his chest (or stomach).  A sports jersey with a big O can work as well.  He can have one of those giant foam hands that he waves around. He is excited and screams as he runs on the stage:


Go team! Yeah!!!!!

(He calms down and smiles at the audience)

Was that good?  I'm practicing for the big game.

(He looks at his O on his chest)

No, I'm not a zero. I am the 0 in go team. Maybe I am a zero to some people.

But this is my life. This is something that matters to me.  Matters to me more than most anything. You know why?

Unlike most things, there is a clear start and finish.

There are heroes and villains. Winners and losers. There's no pretenders or double agents or false friends. The uniforms make it clear and simple.  We know who to root for and who to trust.

If only life were this simple... This easy... good and bad... Right and wrong.

What if war could be settled with a game?

All the world problems - solved on a Sunday.

Once a year we can have China vs USA... India vs Pakistan... Winner gets what they want for a year.

No more bombs and no more guns... Just helmets and balls.  It sure would be a lot better than what happens now.  Because everyone who fights a war is just a big zero.


(BENDER is staring at some good looking girls and grabs TINY as he comes by)


Fight me.


I don't want to...

(BENDER punches TINY)


Ow! What did you do that for?


Plenty more where that came from...

(BENDER tries several more punches as TINY uses some folders and papers as a shield)


Cut it out!


Bet you're not so tough without your shield, Captain America.

(BENDER slaps down folders, TINY yelps and BENDER tries a few more punches)


Have you gone crazy?


Something like that.


I won't fight you.


Then I win.




I win.


I guess so.

(BENDER says loudly so girls hear him)


Tell me I win.


Fine, you win.

(BENDER punches him)




You win!


That's right. I am the alpha dog, baby!

(BENDER does a chest bump against TINY who stumbles back)


What is with you, man?

(BENDER grabs TINY in a headlock)


See her over there?




That her name?  Yeah the new one.  Yolanda...  so hot.  


She's why you're acting like an idiot?

(BENDER stops headlock)


Yup... I want to impress her.

(BENDER lets TINY out of headlock)


Great... Glad I could help.


She saw the whole thing.  They're laughing.  They think I am awesome. Now for the kill.

(TINY flinches)


Not you... Her.  Gonna seal the deal.

(BENDER exits.  TINY tries to fix himself up and gather papers. BENDER returns and holds out a piece of paper)


What's this?


Her number. She wants me to give it to you. 

(Says it snotty)

BENDER (cont.)

She thought you were cute.

(BENDER walks off in defeat)

BENDER (cont.)

Everyone roots for the underdog.

TINY looks at number happily and does a cute little wave.


Some of the students from previous scenes (JIMMY, HARM, PENNY, BIFF and BENDER) all standing in a row like a police line up (i.e. The Usual Suspects movie poster).

PRINCIPAL enters adjusting his pants in the rear. He throws a detention slip at each of them as he walks by them saying:


Detention... detention... detention... detention....

When he gets to JIMMY he gets an angry look and throws multiple detention slips at him.


Detention, detention, detention.

Principal goes out adjust his rear and HARM gives JIMMY a little smile when he isn't looking at her.


(Warning! Requires a fast internet connection to access the full script)


Small cast size (speaking roles): 5 male, 6 female - 11 total

Large cast size (speaking roles): 26 total


Setting is a 1980's High School


Detention Cast

JIMMY (also plays AL CAPONE)

HARM (also plays FLO)

PENNY (also plays REMMY)

BIFF (also plays JAQUE)

BENDER (also plays CAL CAPONE)

TINY (can play other characters later or can be doubled with JIMMY if cast is limited)


COACH (can be doubled with PRINCIPAL if cast is limited)


MADELINE (also plays MAYA)

JASMINE (also plays SADIE the ghost)

BRITNEY (also plays VERA)


Setting in the past: Roaring 1920's


Bonnie and Clyde Cast

Detective 1 - PETE played by BRAD

Detective 2 - played by JIMMY or another actor

HENRY - played by BIFF or another actor

MAYA - played by MADELINE


Ghost Hunters of Route 666 Cast

REMMY played by PENNY

PETE is played by BRAD

HARM plays FLO


MAYA is plays by MADELINE


Seeing Beyond with Maya Fantasma

MAYA (played by MADELINE): The MAYA who can talk to the dead.

SADIE (played by JASMINE): The dead person who needs to find her killer.

JAQUE (played by BIFF): Boyfriend of Vera

VERA (played by BRITNEY): The person SADIE wants to warn JAQUE about.
ANNOUNCER (can be prerecorded) - played by PETE or JIMMY or another actor

Hysterical History of Great Depression

PETE played by BRAD

BAILIFF played by a new actor ideally but can also be played by BENDER or BIFF


MADELINE, HARM, BIFF, BENDER and JASMINE can be crowd if other actors are not available - *Woman 1 and 2 - women in the crowd of the court, *Man 1 and 2 - men in the crowd of the court, Child - male or female - kid who got a bicycle from Capone

VERA (played by BRITNEY)

TRANSCRIPTIONIST (could double with VERA if actors are limited?)

RUTHERFORD - played by new actor ideally or by BENDER or BIFF

*These parts can be combined to one actor.  Additional actors may be in the crowd.


Creepy Corpse Cast of Characters

REMMY played by PENNY


FLO played by HARM

JAQUE played by BIFF



**SAM and SALLY: Other patrons in optional scene (new actor)

SIMON: Confused customer (played by new actor or JIMMY)

KID: Another confused customer (can be same KID as Hysterical History scene)

**COP - new actor in optional scene


**DRUNK - new actor in optional scene

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Flowers in the Desert stage play script with monologues for teen actors ISBN-13: 978-1530169085



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An ambulance is coming for you now. And the policy will cover that ride so you're in luck.

(Ralph waves good-bye and watches person go)

He's lucky. Most people wait until it's too late. Last minute is always better than never. Sometimes I think I should set up my office in the lobby of the hospital emergency room. I could probably sign up half the room as they are waiting... what else are they going to do while they wait for help? Come on. What's the number one thing on their minds? They worry about how they'll pay for the hospital. That's where I come in. I kind of see myself as a hero... swooping in to save the day... can't pay your medical bill? Let me do it for you. I know no one sees an insurance salesman as a hero but we really are. You know how much that heart attack would have cost him without me? You know how much a car accident would cost without insurance? We're not the bad guys... we're your knight in shining armor, protecting you from going bankrupt. We are the guardians of the wallet. Don't let them suck you dry. Insurance will protect you... save you... rescue you... and that's what I wanted to always do with my life. Be a hero.


**** “The Cynical Professor” a monologue by D. M. Larson

Okay class. I know you hate classes that are required for your degree so I am going to try and make this as painless as possible.

Because you're taking a lot of loans, using a lot of credit and building up some serious debt to be here, I don't want this class to be any more difficult than it needs to be. I mean you are going to be paying off these loans for the next 20 or 30 years. It's like you're taking out a mortgage and buying a house. And who can afford a house mortgage anymore when you have all these loans, credit and debts piling up just so you can get a degree in Egyptology or Greek mythology?

That brings me to lesson number one in your Freshman Orientation class. You want to make all your loans worthwhile? You want to be able to pay off your credit card debt when you graduate? Then become a lawyer.

Come on... What's with the moans and growns? Being an attorney can be great. Are you a tree hugger and love the Earth? Be an environmental lawyer. Are you into women's rights? There's a attorney for that. Want to help people who are defaulting on their mortgage and losing their homes or being crushed by credit card debt? There are lawyers for that too. Lawyers make a difference. Lawyers change things. Call an attorney if you want to get things done.

Law not for you? You could play the stock market and do some day trading. Or you could be a software designer. Maybe be an engineer and figure out new ways to get us the limitless electricity that we demand or come up with alternate fuels so we no longer need gas in our cars. You can still help the world without picking a degree that will drown you in debt that you can never pay back.

If you want to study a dead language or some mythological beast, go hang out in the library or watch the History Channel, but don't run up thousands of dollars in loans to study something that won't pay the bills. A Egyptologist is not going to change the world, but an attorney just might have the power to right some wrong.

Gandhi was a lawyer. So was Abraham Lincoln. And Nelson Mandela. These are great people that left their mark on history and transformed nations. I'm not telling you to transfer out of your history classes. History has wonderful lessons for us. I'm telling you not to major in it. Learn from history but then USE what you learned. Go out there and change things. And who better to change things than someone who understands how the system works than a lawyer.

Those of you that agree with me will go declare their majors - pre-law, engineering or economics. Those of you that don't, head on over to the library and write me a 10,000 word report on why your major is so awesome and a plan how you are going to pay off all that debt.

Class dismissed.

End of Monologue ****


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