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"Growing Up is Hard to Do" by D. M. Larson

comedy monologue for male (teen or kid actor)

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This is a humorous free monologue from the upcoming play "Between Good and Evil" (ISBN-13: 978-1502982308) about a young man who is changing a bit more than expected as he is growing up.


by D. M. Larson

(Someone is under a bedroom sheet. He peeks out nervously. He is in pajamas. The sillier the print on the sheet and pajamas the better)

I feel so strange tonight, waking up in the full moon's light. Something had changed. I am not the same. I'm getting really hairy. More hairy than I thought a man could be. This is rather scary and voice is changing toooooo.

(He howls and then slaps his hands over his mouth)

Was that a howl? And my hands... Look at my nails... did I forget to cut them or are they longer... And sharper than before?

(He struggles with the sheet.... He gets all wrapped up in a panic. He claws and rips at it)

Claws! Actual claws!

(He finally gets free of the sheet)

Mirror? Where's a mirrorrrrrr!

(Big growl)

Was that a growl? From my stomach? What's there to eat? I could really use some meat.

(Holds his stomach)

Growing up is so hard to do...

(Reaches back And feels something bulging at his rear)

....especially when you're growing a tail toooooooo!

(He howls and holds his bottom and carefully scoots off stage)


From the play "Between Good and Evil" by D. M. Larson

(ISBN-13: 978-1502982308)

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