by D. M. Larson

"We laugh our smiles and weep our tears, even argue, fight and share our fears. You know the secrets of my soul, you fill its emptiness, you make me whole...." - anonymous


This script is a series of short plays and monologues.  The producer of the play may select some or all of the scripts for the performance.  As a way to tie the scripts together, all actors from the production can appear in the scene "The Fire" to start the play to set the stage for the upcoming scenes.



Actors can play multiple roles.  At least 8 actors are needed for the production with at least 2 females and 2 males.  The cast can be as large as 40.



The play includes the following scenes:

"The Fire" for 8 actors (page 2)

"The Not So Perfect Child" monologue (page 11)

"Confession" for 2 actors (page 12)

"Dear God" monologue (page 15)

"Death Takes the Train" for 4 actors (page 18)

"Ghosts I've Known" monologue (page 26)

"Sirens at Sea" for 4 actors (page 31)

"Demons" monologue (page 40)

"Grace" for 3 actors (page 42)

"Breaking Heart" monologue (page 51)

"Falling Away from You" for 2 actors (page 53)

"Dummy" monologue (page 59)

"The Food of Love" for 2 actors (page 61)

"Before You Punch Me" monologue (page 69)

"Heart Attack" for 4 actors (page 69)

"Pearls of Wisdom" monologue (page 78)

"The Last Can" for 2 actors (page 82)

"End the Hurting" monologue (page 98)

Read the entire play for free at this link
(Warning! Requires a fast internet connection to view script)

Copyright (c) 2013

For permission to use this script, contact (PLEASE include the title of the script in your request).

The play is FREE... if... and only if... your performance of the script is at no cost (i.e. classroom, workshop, audition or competition). When you use a script for free, I do ask a couple small things in return:

This script is COPYRIGHTED material. You are NOT allowed to repost the script online for any reason (even educational). You may create a link to the script, but do not republish or redistribute the text of the script in any way.

However, you may record your performance of the script and place the VIDEO online (as long as no text from the script is included). Please be professional and CREDIT the author D. M. Larson and the website in the description and/or credits.

If you CHARGE admission, there is a ROYALTY fee. Please go to for more information.

Thank you for selecting my script. HAVE FUN and enjoy the play.


D. M. Larson

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