free solo stage play script monologue

Free Dramedy Monologues

by D. M. Larson

Dramedy Monologues (mix of drama and comedy)

"A Breaking Heart" - Monologue- Female (2 minutes)

"Before You Punch Me" Monologue - Male (2 minutes)

"Big Zero" - Monologue- Male (1-2 minutes)

"Princess (Where's My Prince Charming?)" - Comedy Monologue- Female (2 minutes)

"Mugged in Metropolis" - Monologue- Female (1-2 minutes)

"I Hate Buffets" - Dramedy Monologue - Male or Female (new) - link goes to Freedrama blog

"Dear God" - Short Monologue-Male or Female (3-4 minutes)

"Never Touch" - Monologue for Male (2 minutes)

"Facing Death" - Monologue from Published Script- Male (1-2 minutes)

"Dreaming of Dragons" - Monologue for Kids - Male or Female (45 seconds to 1 minute)

"Dummy" - Monologue- Male

"Waiting on the Bride" Monologue - Male (2-3 minutes)

"Go Home" Dramedy (angry, sarcastic) monologue from a published play - Male or Female (1 minute)

"Midnight of the Soul" - Monologue- Female (2-3 minutes)

"Hidden in the Night" - Adapted Monologue- Female (2-3 minutes)

"The Right Sort of Love" - Adapted Monologue- Female (adapted from Little Women) (2-3 minutes)

"Pearls of Wisdom" Monologue-Woman
A play for mature actors (6-7 minutes)

"Jar of Nickels" Monologue-Man (12-15 minutes)

"You're a Mad Man, Charlie Brown" Monologue-Man (12-15 minutes)

"Mr. Moo is Mad" monologue - dramedy solo play scripts for free

"Watching You" short monologue for female from published play "Death of an Insurance Salesman"

My Audition Video" funny comedy monologues - both male and female versions - solo stage play scripts

"What I Dress Like" monologue for female - free solo stage play script

"Nowhere Fast" short monologue for woman from Operation Redneck

"Black Friday Selfie" comedy monologue for female - free solo stage play script

"Ghosts I've Known" 5 Minute Monologue-Woman [html]
Shorter, more serious version * Slightly longer version with some humor (5 minutes)


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