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Featured New Play
"The Curse of Destructo"

(People dressed as superheroes are at a party at DOGBOYís house. SMASH, CATCHICK and SHADE approach DOGBOY. DESTRUCTO is in the background talking to other people likeÖ SPEEDO, PROTECTO)

DOGBOY: Iím so happy you could make it.

SMASH: I wouldnít miss it.

CATCHICK: The old team back together again.

SHADE: Who are all these people?

DOGBOY: Other heroes, like us.

SMASH: I didnít know there were so many.

CATCHICK: Too many if you ask me.

DOGBOY: You all have to meet this new guy, InvisiBill. I thought he and Shade might want to share some trade secrets. I donít see him though. Where did he go?

SHADE: I must observe. Something tells me there is more here than meets the eye.

DOGBOY: ShadeÖ there doesnít always have to be a problem to solve.

CATCHICK: Without problems, there wouldnít be heroes.

SMASH: Good motto.

CATCHICK: Who did you get to serve? Iím thirsty.

DOGBOY: This is so cool. Ever hear of Speedo. Fastest hero alive.

SMASH: Heís for hire.

DOGBOY: Total mercenary.


DOGBOY: Watch this. Speedo?! Another round of drinks.

(SPEEDO enters and nods. Puts on his headphones and clicks play. Upbeat rock music plays. Everyone freezes and he goes around giving drinks and food, but someone in the crowd, Destructo drops a banana peel very slowly downstage and Speedo slips on it and crashes off stage. Everyone unfreezes)

CATCHICK: HisssÖ. He spilled on me.

DOGBOY: Oh man. What happened to him?!

(DOGBOY runs, trips on DESTRUCTO and crashes offstage with SPEEDO)

SMASH: You okay, Dogboy?

(DOGBOY stumbles in)


DESTRUCTO: Iím so sorry. I didnít mean to get in your way like that.

DOGBOY: Donít worry about it.

DESTRUCTO: You look okay.

(DESTRUCTO spills his drink on DOGBOY)


DESTRUCTO: Ooops. My bad.

DOGBOY: Donít worry about it. Iíd offer you another drink, but something happened to the waiter.

DESTRUCTO: I hope I didnít do that. Iím so clumsy. I better check on him.

(DESTRUCTO bumps into SHADE and spills his drink)

SHADE: Excuse me.

(DESTRUCTO turns to apologize and walks backwards into SPEEDO who has just returned and SPEEDO falls off stage again)

DESTRUCTO: So sorry. Let me help you.


SPEEDO (off): NoÖ IÖ ow!

SHADE: Ouch. Maybe we should help.

DOGBOY: Be careful. That is Destructo. He leaves destruction in his path. I invited him hoping maybe we could help him and find a good mentor for him.

SPEEDO (off): PleaseÖ stopÖ donítÖ. Ah!

DOGBOY: He has a good heart but his power gets the best of him. Heís overwhelmed by the power. He needs help focusing that energy into something positive.

SHADE: A noble cause. Better to make him one of us...

SMASH: And not one of them baddies.

CATCHICK: What a bunch of copycats. They just had to make a group of villains, didnít they? Why canít we just be a bunch of heroes helping everyone?

SHADE: Itís Yin and YangÖ when there is too much good, then bad fights to restore the balance.

CATCHICK: Why canít there just be a lot of good in this world?

DOGBOY: I agree. And thatís why Iím doing this. To keep the good going.

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Featured Monologue

by D. M. Larson

It's a chilly night. The freezing wind bites at every exposed part of my body. Most were huddled in a small cafe near the bus station. They seemed happy with their coffee and warmth, thankful for a dime a cup deal. As I got near them, they got quiet. Puffs of smoke divided our worlds, each of us isolated in our thoughts. The cold kept me moving.

As I moved further into the depths of downtown, and as I drew closer to the division, the number of bars multiplied, their neon lights almost endless. Many of people who end up on the streets are alcoholics and there were plenty of places for them to find their old friends. The homeless wandering here have no place to be this night, alone and not as cheerful as the ones in the cafe. They were probably feeling the cold as I was, but I didn't live here. I could escape. This is all they had, feeling the cold's bitter embrace, some shivering frightfully because they didn't even have the luxury of gloves as I did. Upon seeing me, they all would scatter, taking another street, moving to an alleyway. And when I passed, they often would watch us go by, curious, but unwilling to speak. They would turn away after I passed, often disappearing into alleys and doorways, wanting nothing more than to be forgotten.

A homeless man with a stray cat following him like a puppy, ever anxious for the other's warmth in the bitter wind. Together they were a picture of a certain happiness and joy that I could never comprehend. The two disappeared together through a door going someplace that only they shared, separate from all else.

Hurt, anger, or loneliness. I could step away ... and have my coffee and hot breakfast. But they couldn't. They were trapped there, behind the smoky glass.


From the book "Me in Pieces" by D. M. Larson
ISBN-13:†978-1981312054 Book
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