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"Cell Phone Zombies" Short sketch comedy skit about cell phones and time travel. Written for 4 actors of either gender and options for several extra actors. From the published play "Control the Future" ISBN-13: 978-1540666581

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"Superhero Support Group" is a comedy stage play script in one act about superheroes who decide to give up their powers and be normal again. The play is for 7 actors of either gender.

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"Gingerbread Girl" This play continues where the tale of the Gingerbread Man left off but adds some new comedy twists. The story ends up being more Frankenstein than fairy tale but promises a happy ending. This is a stage play script for children of all ages. The play has a flexible cast of around 20 roles.

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"Worrying About the Future (A Comedy)" is a scene from the published play "Control the Future" ISBN-13: 978-1540666581. This is a short play script for two either (male or female - one child actor and one adult character - or it could be two siblings - one older and one younger). The script is a short comedy script about a kid who wants to make a difference in the world. This is a good, light-hearted script for discussions about helping others and making the world a better place. For two actors of either gender (male or female).

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"Even Monsters Can Be Princesses" One act children's play about a little monster who dreams of being a princess - 9 actors

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free school stage play scripts kids children child actors

"Hipster Hobos" Short sketch comedy skit about when being too cool is too annoying. 1+ m 1+ w (3-6+ total). From the published play "When Mel Fell for Nell" (ISBN-13: 978-1512007183). The script is a short comedy play about the funny side to people who hang out in restaurants looking cool, using the latest gadgets with the free wifi, but not ordering anything. This is a fun way to take a look at our modern society's obsession with new technology. The scene is written for 6 actors but can be done with more or less. There needs to be at least 1 male and 1 female. The Hipsters can be any gender and any number.

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"Death Takes the Train"A short play for four actors about Death's new mode of transportation. Readers will have fun with the humor but there are many serious questions about death and an afterlife for discussion.

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"Touched by an Alien" Short comedy about space explorers that discover a new kind of alien. 5 actors of any gender (plus possible non-speaking roles). Low cost PDF:

"Pain Scale" A wacky comedy scene for two actors any gender but written for 2 men. From the published play "Control the Future" ISBN-13: 978-1540666581. Low cost PDF:

"The Waiting Room" A short dramatic scene for 3 actors (written for 3 men but can be done by any gender) from the published play "Death of an Insurance Salesman" ISBN-13: 978-1518665547. Low cost PDF:

"Monster Survival Skills During A Gremlin Outbreak" - Short comedy stage play script for 3 or more actors. From the published play "Control the Future" ISBN-13: 978-1540666581. Low cost PDF:

"Fart-Zen" - very short comedy for three or more actors (any gender). Low cost PDF:

"Hippies, Housewives, and Watering Holes" - 10 minute play - 2 w 1 m. Low cost PDF:

"The Hysterical History of Cleopatra" - short comedy play about the famous Egyptian Queen - for 9 or more actors (as few as 7 with doubling) 2-4 females and 4-6 of any gender. Low cost PDF:

"Stung" A short comedy about someone who wants to be one with nature but nature doesn't like her. (4 speaking parts with possible extras). Low cost PDF:

"Looks Get in the Way" Short comedy about finding the perfect person. 2-3 m 1-2 w (4 total). Low cost PDF:

"Peggy the Pint Sized Pirate"
A play for all ages about a little pirate with big dreams. Low cost PDF:

"Music Maybe" is a wacky comedy stage play script for four actors about the first all percussion rock band. There are both male and female versions. There are some outstanding monologues for each character that provide excellent character studies for actors.

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"The Owl, The Bull and the Forest" is a short play for two or more actors that discusses the two sides of environmental conflicts. This is a kid friendly play that encourages critical thinking skills about nature and basic needs.

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"Dragon Trouble"

Children's Play: Susie Sally Sassafras and her fairy friends like to make a lot of trouble. They decide to create problems in the peaceful kingdom of Chalupa. The play has a flexible cast with anywhere from 8 characters to dozens of parts. This is a short, one act play.

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"The Captain and the Cat" takes audiences on an Adventure in Dimension X. Ever wonder why cats get the crazies? This sci fi comedy script reveals the story behind the strange behavior of cats and takes the captain to another planet for a journey he'll never forget.

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snow white child children stage play short

"Snow White and the 7 Kachus"
short comedy play for kids

This play features our website mascot the Kachu! Kachus can been found all over the website... on the Freedrama title... acting out some of the plays in pictures... but now you can see these cute little birds in action in a quest for their favorite food... cupcakes! They make friends with Snow White (who makes the best cupcakes ever) and help save her from the evil Queen who wants to stop her from making these treats which give her a tummy ache. Low cost PDF:


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