free solo stage play script monologue

Giving You My Heart

BY D. M. Larson  From

free play script for 3 actors with few words but a lot of heart
Art by Shiela Larson


There is a classroom with a bunch of chairs.  Carl enters and starts arranging them in a circle. They have to be perfectly in line and spaced or he isn't happy. Elmer enters and grabs a chair out of the circle and moves it totally out of alignment. Carl gets upset and starts pacing. He goes toward Elmer but then stops and goes back to chairs. But he can't focus on anything but Elmer's chair so he goes back and forth. Meanwhile Elmer gets out a notebook, pencil and eraser. He sharpens the pencil and let's the shavings fall on the floor. Carl runs to get a trash can and puts it under the sharpener. Elmer inspects the pencil. Carl steps away. Elmer sharpens more on other side. Carl rushes to move can but Elmer stops and starts drawing. Daisy enters. She is chewing on her fingers and her hair is a mess. She rushes to the nearest chair and grabs the seat to make herself stop chewing. Carl gets to her and looks at her nervously. She sees his chair pattern and moves her chair to fit his circle. Carl finishes and then paces back and forth between Elmer and Daisy. He walks away from the chair, makes upset sounds and sticks his fingers in his ears.  He calms and then returns. Elmer doesn't move. He walks away again, plugs his ears and hums.  Finally he returns.  He starts pulling at his nose and moaning louder. Daisy sits and rocks nervously. Daisy looks back and forth to Carl and Elmer. She gets up and immediately chews on her fingers. Daisy goes and moves her chair next to Elmer so it aligns to a new pattern.  She then moves another chair and tries to grab Carl.  He won't let her grab him but follows her to the chair.  Daisy fixes the other chairs to align to a new pattern to meet both Elmer and Carl's expectations. Carl walks once around the circle and adjust a few chairs and then sits happily. Daisy sits between Carl and Elmer. They all sit quietly a moment. Daisy gets some hearts out of her purse. They are big homemade heart cards. She holds one out to Elmer. He ignores her. She holds one out to Carl.


I'm giving you my heart.

He looks at it suspiciously. He suddenly grabs it cobra fast, so fast that Daisy is startled. Carl looks at the heart and folds it in half. He rushes to find some scissors in the room. He finds some and starts trimming the heart to make it a perfect heart shape. Daisy watches sadly. Elmer is getting a new pencil sharpened.  Daisy goes up to him and looks at his picture.


A Princess.

Elmer is startled. He throws down his pencil and covers the picture.


I hate it.


It's... pretty.


I hate it.

Elmer stuffs it in the garbage can.  Then he quickly gathers his stuff and jams it into his bag.  Daisy steps back and bites her fingers and rocks.  Elmer is making angry sounds and starts pushing chairs around. Carl stands up and drops the tiny heart he has left after cutting it repeatedly and gasps.  Daisy goes to the garbage can.  She debates about getting it out but can't bring herself to pull it out.  She bends down and looks at it.



Carl grabs two or three chairs and makes a little fort for himself to hide in upstage. Elmer falls to the floor with his bag clutched to him.  He's shaking.  Daisy gets another heart out of her purse. She cautiously goes to Elmer and sits near him. She holds out the heart to him. Elmer starts crying.


I'm giving you my heart.

Elmer turns to her and instead of taking the heart he embraces her and holds her tight, almost to the point of where she feels she might break. She struggles but doesn't want him to let go. She struggles to bring her arms down to hold him back. Finally after much effort, she does.


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