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    From Holly Countie: "I got ideas from your website and as recommended, I am passing on a game that I play with my students at the Peacock Players in Nashua NH. To help the children learn stage position I play a version of red light green light. I teach the students where upstage, down stage and center stage are. If they are older I also add stage right and left up to all nine positions of the stage. I then place interesting things for the children to pose on: a bench a chair a wooden cube ect. I put those items on various spots on the area that is our "stage." I call out "green light" and the children move freely aroud our designated stage area. When I yell "red light" The children freeze in a pose. I then ask " If you are closest to or on stage______________ raise your hand" The children quickly learn the stage positions and enjoy the creativity of striking a pose. If a child guesses wrong I usually say "I can see why you might think that your closest to stage _____________ but really you are closer to stage_____________." I also try to comment on some of the interesting positions the children are in or why their position draws focus to them. Stage position can be difficult to learn and tedious, but there seems to be enough activity and creativity to make this game a winner. I hope it helps out another fellow Drama teacher! Good luck and enjoy!"

    From JOY QUARMILEY: The (workshop) group can play a game called Taxi Cab. Need a cab driver & up to 3 passenger. The cab makes separate stops to pick up each passenger. Each passenger (mimes) getting into the cab & each passenger has their own bad/annoying/crazy habit/mannerisms. (Sneezing, sniffling, laughing, singing, itching, complaining, etc.) The cab driver & other passengers pick up the habit/mannerism of each new passenger that gets into the cab. So if one enters the cab sneezing everybody starts sneezing, the next one gets in laughing the other passengers & driver begin laughing. Then the cab drops the passengers off one by one & as each one (mimes) getting out & paying the cab driver, the habits/mannerisms digress all the way back to the last passenger (If the first passenger got in sneezing that should be the last action that is mocked.) This teaches the actors of scene change awareness, memorization & the importance of pantomiming when the production calls for such.

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    free theatre game ideas for improv


    (sung to Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer)

    Woody, the Bright-Badged Cowboy

    had a very shiny badge.

    And if you ever saw it,

    you would even say it glows.

    All of the other toys

    used to laugh and call him names.

    They never let poor Woody

    join in any toy box games.

    Then one foggy Christmas Eve

    Buzz Lightyear came to say:

    "Woody with your badge so bright,

    won't you guide my ship tonight?"

    Then all the toys loved him

    as they shouted out with glee,

    Woody the Bright-Badged Cowboy,

    you'll go to Infinity (and beyond)!

    Harry the Wizard

    (sung to Frosty the Snowman)

    Harry the Wizard

    Was a jolly happy soul

    With a phoenix wand and a chocolate toad

    And a bank full of gold

    Harry the Wizard

    Is a fiction as they say

    He was an orphan boy

    Who lives with muggles

    Until Hagrid came one day

    There must have been some magic

    In that sorting hat that day

    For when they placed it on his head

    It yelled Gryffindor all the way

    Harry the Wizard

    Was a Quidditch campion

    And the children say

    He could seek and play

    Better than Slytherin

    Harry the Wizard

    Was a jolly happy soul

    With a phoenix wand and a chocolate toad

    And a bank full of gold


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