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Metropolis Man

by D. M. Larson

Cast of Characters (1 female and 2 males)

LO: A woman in search of something.

KENT: A local citizen of Metropolis.

SIMON: A local store owner.

free play script romantic comedy


Lo is standing by a Superman statue and/or Superman mural looking around at the surrounding town.  Actors and even dogs in Superman costumes can walk through the scene to start the show if extras are available.  She has a camera and takes random pictures from weird angles.  Kent is about the only person not wearing something related to Superman and has been watching Lo.  When she sits at a bench near the statue, she appears sad and stressed.  Kent moves in.

Kent: Can I help you?  You look a bit lost.

Lo:  Is this Metropolis?

Kent: The one and only.

Lois: I imagined something much bigger.

Kent: Everyone does.

Lois: Looks more like Smallville.

Kent: Superman fan?

Lo: Not really. 

Kent: That is a first. I bet you are the first person to visit this town who isn't a fan.

Lo: No other reason to come here?

Kent: Nope.

Lo: So is Superman really from here?

Kent: So they say... Never met him.. Well maybe I have.. Met a lot of guys dressed like him... But none of them raced bullets or trains. And nobody flew here.  We don't have an airport.

Lo: Huh?  Oh... Joke.  (Does a courtesy laugh but it's not convincing)

Kent: My name's Kent by the way.

Lo: Kent?  As in Clark Kent?

Kent: If you are a male and born in this town, there is a good chance you're named Clark or Kent.

Lo: Oh dear... That has to be weird in school.

Kent: Kal is gaining in popularity though.

Lo: Kal?

Kent: For Kal-El... Superman's real name.

Lo: Is it required in this town to know all Superman facts or are you just a nerd?

Kent: You can't help know this stuff here.. It's everywhere... Menu items, street names, constant puns in the newspaper...

Lo: Annoying?

Kent: Not really... It's kind of nice to have something that makes our town unique.  Something special to call our own... DC comics even made it official on January 21, 1972.  (he notices she isn't really listening and smiles)  Boring you?

Lo: Kind of.

Kent: Can I ask your name?

Lo: People call me Lo.

Kent: Lo?  Short for Lois?

Lo: Nope... That would too weird... although better than my real name... Lola.

Kent: It's a nice name.

Lo: If you say so.

Kent: So you're ok then? Need directions or anything?

Lo: This is where is I going.

Kent: But you're not a fan?

Lo: You bug all the tourists like this?

Kent: That's what we do in Metropolis... Bug tourists... Have to make sure that you're not some villain in disguise out to get Superman... (Lo looks away annoyed) Still not funny... I can take a hint... Have a good visit. (he slowly goes hoping she will stop him)

Lo: Sorry... I didn't mean to be a pain.

(Kent returns happily)

Kent: You've been traveling... That makes people tired.  I understand.

Lo: I feel like an idiot.

Kent: Why?  A lot of people think Metropolis should be bigger... In fact our founding fathers thought our town would be a city one day being situated on a major river near the junction of four states...

Lo: Enough history okay?

Kent: Sorry... got it... Back to you... Where were we?

Lo: Idiot.

Kent: That's right.  I'm listening.

Lo: Thanks.

Kent: Anytime... So why you feeling bad?

Lo: I came here because of a dream.

Kent: Really?

Lo: I had this dream about Metropolis... It was more like a city but this statue... It's exactly the same.

Kent: You ever see pictures?

Lo: Never. 

Kent: Wild... So why come see it?

Lo: Because of something that happened in my dream... Something that happened at this statue that was pretty wonderful.  Something I'd really like more than anything.

Kent: What?

Lo: It will sound dumb.

Kent: Go ahead.  You can tell me. 

Lo: I fell in love.

Kent: Really?  Under a Superman statue?

Lo: Under this statue.

Kent: You get a good look at the guy?

Lo: He had on a superman shirt.

Kent: Plenty of those around here.. I have one... Didn't wear it today though... I can go put it on.

Lo: Slow down there, Flash... I don't think you're the guy.

Kent: Oh...

Lo: It can't be the first guy I run in to... That's too lucky... Sorry to hurt your feelings but I don't feel it.  The chemistry.  The dream had a whole lot of chemistry.  And an explosion. (she gets lost in thought)

Kent: No worries. Maybe I can help. Tell me more about the dream.  Maybe I know the guy.

Lo: Not much more that I remember.  Oh wait.  He had on glasses too. 

Kent: Glasses and Superman shirt.  Anything else?

Lo: The other thing about the dream that was really odd was that I felt the urge to cash in my life savings too... Something told me I'd need it for this trip. 

Kent: Your entire life savings.  Is there... in your purse?

Lo: Everything I have is right here.

(They are quiet a minute. Kent is looking at her and she looks away shyly.  Suddenly Kent grabs the purse and runs. Lo jumps up in shock)

Lo (cont.): Hey! Wait a minute! Wh... what?!  No!  This isn't right!  I come to your stupid town and the first thing that happens is that I'm mugged?  First guy I meet and he's a con man.  Kent the con man.  Ah!  Why am I so stupid?  Don't talk to strangers. (Yells at statue) Isn't that what you teach this kids, Superman?  Well, I blew it.  Blabbed to some random dude and he mugs me.  Why did I follow a dream?  I am an idiot. A stupid, dumb bubblehead. 

(she plops down on a bench)

I'm always a victim.  There's not enough heroes in this world.  Not enough Supermans.  Sure, there's bunches of you parading around in costumes, but there's not many real men of steel. Not any willing to take a bullet for me. 

(she jumps up again)

And you know what?!  My life savings was 50 bucks!  How's that for irony?  And my credit cards are maxed out!  Ha!  Jokes on you! 

(plops down on bench again)

I just want my lucky key chain back.

(Simon, a guy in glasses and a zip up jacket, enters with her purse)

Simon: Is this your purse?

(Lo is so stunned she doesn't know what to say)

Simon: I didn't mean to go through your purse but I needed to find an ID or something.  I found your driver's license.  It looks a bit like you... but you're... you're prettier in person.

Lo: Thank you!

(she runs up and hugs him)

Simon: Tough day?

(she lets go of him and nods)

Lo: Very... how did you find it?

Simon: I tripped the guy who was running away with it. 

Lo: You did?

Simon: Kind of an accident.  I'm a bit of a klutz.  But I wouldn't give it back once I got it.  I've known Kent for a long time and when you see him at a purse, you know he's not headed to a superhero cross-dressing competition.

(Lo laughs)

Simon (cont.): You have a nice laugh.

Lo: I hate my laugh.  I snort.

Simon: It's cute.

Lo: So, you from around here?

Simon: Kind of.  I work at the SuperMuseum.  I wasn't born here but I lived here for a while.  I stumbled on this little town and fell in love with it.  I kept coming back until I didn't leave again.

Lo: Something just kind of drew you here.

Simon: Give me Metropolis over Chicago any day.

Lo: Chicago sucks.

Simon: And blows.

(They laugh)

Simon (cont.): Want me to show you around? 

Lo: Sure.  I'd like that.

(She takes his arm)

Simon: We'll do the walking tour.  I left my cape at home.

Lo: You wouldn't happen to have on a Superman t-shirt would you?

(He unzips his jacket and shows her)

Simon: I do.  Why?

Lo: No reason.

(She has a big smile, takes his arm again and they exit happily ever after)


From the published play"Between Good and Evil" by D. M. Larson available as a low cost PDF and on

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