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by D. M. Larson
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from the published play of the same name

ISBN-13: 978-1523724512
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Time and Place

Late Spring, 1991. Eastern Washington town. The living quarters of a church in a poorer neighborhood.

Scene 1

(The scene takes place in the living quarters of a church. There is a small kitchen area with a stove, cupboards, counter, and refrigerator UL. All of these things can be implied. The door to outside is L. DL is a small living room with a sofa. Time: Midnight. It's raining outside. Blue lights come up depicting night. A woman comes in wearing a rain coat and is carrying a suitcase)


It's pouring out there.

(She takes coat hood off)


My name's Gabi. Are you the pastor of this church? Oh, good. Cause I need a place to stay.

(She takes off coat and lays it on the sofa)


I tried just about every motel in town, but they're all full tonight. I think it's cause of some state fair or somethin'. But it doesn't matter much though. It's not like I had enough money for one anyway. I woulda had to stay in one of them roach motels, ya' know where they have hourly rates and vibratin' beds. I once had to stay in one of them motels where the vibratin' thing was broken. I couldn't sleep. The darn thing kept me up all night. By morning I was so numb...never again. They should outlaw those places. You know what I mean? Well, anyway. I drove around awhile, not sure what to do. My gas was low and I had to stop, but I knew I should keep going cause somethin' would always turn up. My mama always said that. And so, not knowing what else I could do, I said a little prayer. Nothing fancy ya' understand cause I was desperate. So I closed my eyes and prayed hard. And you know what? When I opened my eyes I was here. Right here on your front steps. God had delivered me. And since mama always said that the church is the haven from all the world's troubles I thought I'd come right on in and see what you could do for me. Besides, who could think of a safer place to be in than a church, and it's a whole lot cheaper than a motel. (Stops. Looks at THOMAS) Ya' know. I never did catch your name.

My name's Gabi Roberts. Did I tell you that already? Oh, well, better twice than never. It's nice to meet you, pastor. I hope your helping me out like this won't be too much trouble.

I don't take up much room, really. You won't ever know I'm here. In fact, point me to the chapel and I'll sleep on one of the pews. I don't mind. God can be my pillow and Jesus will be my blanket. It'll be like a church retreat.

Please, pastor, I won't be no trouble. In fact, I could be a great help to you. As long as you let me stay, I can cook and clean and do whatever else you need.

What about that sofa? That looks comfy enough. I used to sleep on a sofa all the time when I was little. I won't mind one single bit.

I've slept on worse even. One time, when I went out to my aunt's, we had to sleep in the barn. I had no idea what kind of things lived in barns. It was a regular wild kingdom.

Boy, I bet you must be one good pastor.

You're so young and you already have your own church. Most pastors are so old and moldy. And they're always talking about death and dying and eternal damnation. But your sermons must be so full of life. Stand still a moment and let me look at you.

(She smiles)

Yeah, I can see ya' now standin' up there teaching to a willin' congregation about God and love. It must be quite a thing to see.

God must have known what he was doing when he brought me here. Sometimes I wonder what God is trying to pull on me, but this time I think he did pretty good.

End of Scene

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from the published play of the same name

ISBN-13: 978-1523724512
Book: Low cost PDF:

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