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by D. M. Larson

From the published play "Music Maybe" ISBN-13: 978-1519120106

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Monologue for Male or Female

From the Published One Act Play
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ISBN-13: 978-1519120106

monologue from published play
"Music Maybe"


Everyone's always quitting on me. My whole life... all the people I get to know... quit.  I never do. I'm loyal. I stay.  But they all leave me. Started with my dad... he quit on us when I was little and my mom quit on me even though she was still around. She quit caring and quit feeling anything. Everything I tried, every friend I made, quit on me in some way... I always felt like I failed them... and drove them away.  But here... I finally thought I'd found a place where I could be a part of something.  This time we've been together has been the best days of my life. Sounds pathetic but it's true.  I've never been happier than I've been playing music with all of you.  Coming here each day gives me something to live for, something to make me drag my lazy carcass out of bed. I feel so alive here, playing with all of you.  And it's more than just living... it's the fact I found a place in this world. A place where I matter and I fit in. I didn't feel lost anymore.


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From the published play "Music Maybe" ISBN-13: 978-1519120106

Buy a low cost PDF of the play at

Art by Shiela Larson

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