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Short Dramatic Monologues (1 minute or less)


"Staying Power"

Short dramatic monologue from a play "To Be A Star" - Female (1 minute)

"Wishing" - A Romantic Monologue for a Young Woman with a range of emotion from dreamy to serious with hints of a hidden secret - Female (1-2 minutes) - from the published play "The Ghosts of Detention"

"I always make the same wish, but I can't tell what it is. Then it might not come true. I really want it to. It would change my life."

"Go Home" Dramedy (angry, sarcastic) monologue from a published play - Male or Female (1 minute)

"The Girl Who Broke His Fingers" - Monologue - Female (1 minute)

"Hope" - Short Dramatic Monologue from Published Script- Female (1 minute)

"Beauty and Perfection" - Short Monologue from a play - Female (1 minute)

"A Breaking Heart" - Monologue - Female (1 minute)

"My Mask" Monologue from a published play - Female (30 seconds)

"My Dream" aka "What is Your Dream?" Short romantic monologue from a play "To Be A Star" - Female (45 seconds - 1 minute)

"Mama" by Shiela Larson - Monologue for Female (30 seconds)

"Fallen" - Short Dramatic Monologue for male from a published play (1 minute)

"Nervous" - Short Dramatic Monologue for Female (1 minute) from "Death of an Insurance Salesman" - This solo script is a good short dramatic piece for a woman to show some strong emotion that comes from past memories and worries.

"Mom was always so nervous about him... I was too... so worried what might happen to him. There are a lot of crazy people out there who aren't afraid to hurt a cop."

"First Words" Monologue from a play - Female (45 seconds to 1 minute)

"Foot Rubs" - Monologue - Male (1 minute)

"Funny Little Fussy Face" - Monologue - Female (1 minute)

"End the Hurting" - Short Dramatic Monologue (about bullying and abuse)-Male or Female (30 seconds)

"Dreaming of Dragons" - Monologue for Kids - Male or Female (45 seconds to 1 minute)

"Monologue from Another World" - Short Monologue - Male or Female (1 minute)

"If I Let Myself Fall" - Romantic monologue - Female (1 minute)

"Destroy Me" - Dramatic Monologue from Published Script- Male (1 minute)

"Alien Goo" - Comedic Monologue from Published Script- Male (1 minute)

"Stairway to Heaven" - Monologue from Published Script- Female (45 seconds to 1 minute)

"Bungled and Botched" - Monologue from Published Script- Male (30-45 seconds)

"Back to Work" - Short dramatic monologue - Male (30-45 seconds) - link goes to Freedrama blog

"Ugly Mug" short monologue from the play "Blinded by the Knight" - (30 seconds) - link goes to the Freedrama blog

"Mauled" - Short Monologue from the play "To Be A Star" - Male (new) - link goes to Freedrama blog

"The Barn" - Short monologue from the play "Flowers in the Desert" - Male - link goes to Freedrama blog

"Without My Beauty" short monologue for girl - solo stage play script for female adapted from published play Beauty IS a Beast

"The Most Beautiful" short monologue for girl - solo stage play script for female adapted from published play Beauty IS a Beast (new)

"Fairy Godmother" monologue for girl - solo female script adapted from the published play Beauty IS a Beast (new)

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�The Bullied, Bungled and Botched� stage play script with monologues for teen actors

Copyright (c) 2001-2017 All Rights Reserved

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