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"Superhero Support Group" Even heroes need help sometimes. Comedy play for 6-7 actors (30 minutes)

"Teen Angel"

Peggy is a teen who has gone to heaven but must complete a mission to earn her angel wings. But her mission proves to be difficult when she discovers that she is helping a loved one she left behind. One Act stage play with optional music selections so it can be a musical - 5 w 2 m extras

free full length comedy teen teenager high school with monologues

"Teen Angel" is a published play and available on ISBN-13: 978-1511481557

"The Weird, Wild and Wonderful Days of School"

A full length play about young adults who are dealing with growing up. This play has a flexible cast. Not all scenes need to be performed. And actors can play multiple parts because no characters repeat from scene to scene. The smallest cast you could have by doing all the scripts would be three males and four females. But there are many as 49 speaking roles possible.

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"To Be A Star" - A children's script with possible dance scenes for 26 actors (20 female, 6 male)

"The Hysterical History of the Trojan War The Trojan War has never been so funny. This is still Homer's story but with a twist. 13-18+ speaking roles and potential for unlimited extras.

Or try...

"The Hysterical History of Cleopatra a humorous look at the famous queen for 9 or more actors (as few as 7 with doubling) 2-4 females and 4-6 of any gender.

"The Ghosts of Detention"
(aka The Wedgie Club)

A full length play about young adults (teens / teenagers) who find themselves in trouble at their high school and end up in detention. The script takes place in the 1980s but the students from detention end up performing a 1920's play within the play. There is a lot of comedy and excellent monologues throughout the script and even some songs. This play has a flexible cast of 11 to 26.

This book includes excellent monologues for teen actors including "I Need Detention", "The Girl Who Broke His Fingers", "Wishing" and "Big Zero."

The following scene is from the play:

POP ROCKS AND JOLT COLA Scene for 5 actors (3 male 2 female)


SETTING: High School Detention

TIME: 1980's

(A group of students are in school detention. The teacher has left the room. BENDER immediately gets out of his chair and starts wandering the room. He stops at PENNY)

BENDER: So, it's bad Penny... always turning up. Why you in here drama queen?

PENNY: I did nothing. I'm innocent.

BENDER: I heard you did something pretty bad. You stole something from the principal. You broke in his office and took something. What was it?

(Other students turn and listen)

PENNY: The crown jewels. Or the Hope Diamond. I can't remember which. I steal so much I lose track.

BENDER: I'm starting to like you drama queen.

PENNY: Too bad.

BENDER: What was it, Penny? Come on.

PENNY: It was helping out a friend. Now, drop it, okay?

BIFF: Leave her alone, Bender.

(BENDER goes to BIFF)

BENDER: If it isn't our head cheerleader? Here to cheer us up in detention? I always thought it was a little weird a guy wanted to be a cheerleader. I mean, maybe a mascot, so you can hide your face... although our mascot is the woodchuck, so that can't be too cool. Why you in here cheerboy?

BIFF: I beat up somebody... punched his face in... Got tired of him saying certain thing about me that wasn't true.

BENDER: I bet I know what he was saying, Cheerboy. We all think it, but he was the only one stupid enough to say it.

BIFF: Well, I'm not.

(BIFF slams down his fist on a desk or table. BENDER backs off. He makes his way over to HARM. He tries to touch HARM and she hits his hand away. JIMMY gets worried)

BENDER: What's the matter? You don't want to be my girlfriend anymore?

HARM: I never was, loser.

BENDER: That hurts. I thought we had something.

(BENDER is about to touch her again)

HARM: Touch me again and die.

BENDER: Just one little kiss?


JIMMY: Leave her alone.

(BENDER turns slowly and towers over JIMMY)

BENDER: You say something?

JIMMY: Yeah... leave her... alone.

BENDER: Make me.

(JIMMY gives BENDER a shove. BENDER laughs and goes to attack JIMMY. JIMMY ducks and BENDER is grabbed by BIFF. BIFF, HARM and JIMMY all grab BENDER and shove him in a closet [can be off stage])

BENDER (CONT.): Hey, hey... what are you doing?

(They all return happily to their desks)

BENDER (CONT.): Let me out of here.

BIFF: Nice one, Jimmy.

JIMMY: Thanks.

(HARM gives a little smile at JIMMY who is very happy she noticed. PENNY pulls some stuff out of her backpack)

PENNY: Anyone like JOLT cola?

BIFF: Oh, yeah. That stuff makes me bounce off the walls.

PENNY: I like to add pop rocks to it.

(PENNY opens a can and pours some pop rocks in)

BIFF: Awesome.

HARM: I heard that one kid, Mikey, in the Life cereal ads died from doing that.

(BIFF drinks it)

BIFF (CONT.): Oh, yeah! Narley!

(JIMMY goes over and tries it)

JIMMY: Ha! This is too much. That feels so weird!

(PENNY takes one over to HARM)

PENNY: Want one?

(HARM shrugs. PENNY gives her one. HARM tries it and slaps her nose)

PENNY (CONT.): Oh yeah... it comes out your nose sometimes.

(PENNY tries to hold in a laugh but BIFF and JIMMY can't help but laugh)

BENDER (OFF): What about me? I want one.

(JIMMY gets an unopened can and shakes it. They laugh. JIMMY goes and tosses it quickly in the closet)

JIMMY: There you go.

BENDER: Thanks, man.

(He opens it and they hear it explode. They laugh)

BENDER (CONT.): Not funny.

(NOTE: Optional scene - They put on some music and do a dance together)


Copyright (c) 2018 by D. M. Larson

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Monologues for Teens

Female Monologue

"The Not So Perfect Child" - Monologue- Female (2-3 minutes)


Teen Monologues

"Beauty and Perfection" - Short Monologue from a play - Female (1 minute)


New Series of Monologue for Teens about Bullying: "The Bullied, Bungled and Botched"

"Fart-Zen" - very short play for three or more actors (any gender)

"Gossip" a short comedy about a high school newspaper for 5 actors (3 f 2 m)

"Ghost Hunters of Route 666" - Short Comedy - 2 w 3 m

"Baklavia" Full Length Comedy - 9 w 9 m

"Big Nose: A Modern Cyrano" - Full Length Comedy - flexible cast

"Big Nose: A Modern Cyrano" - 10 minute selection - flexible cast

"Creepy Corpse of Cal Capone" Short Melodrama/Farce - 4 to 10 w and 2 to 8 m - 12 total

"Ebony Scrooge: A Modern Christmas Carol" - female version of classic story - One Act - flexible cast

"The Green Chile Rebellion of 1899" - An Old West Comedy - 8 w 10 m +optional extras

"Hippies, Housewives, and Watering Holes" - 10 minute play - 2 w 1 m

"Much Madness" - One Act - 3 w

"A Hysterical History of the American Revolution" Short comedy about the women behind the Revolution (for ten+ actors).

"The Outlaws of Candy Kitchen" This melodrama mixes real life history with local legend to create a new story that's fun for the whole family. 4-9 female, 5-10 male (14 total)

"Replenish the Earth" - One Act - 1 m 2 w

"Romanian Uranium Mystery" - Interactive audience participation mystery as one act or full mystery dinner theatre script - eight characters

"Screamy Youie Kicky Booty" - Short Comedy - 2 actors

"Seeing Beyond with Maya Fantasma" - Short Comedy - 3 w 1 m

The following play are for mature teen actors

"John and Maggie" - One Act about a modern Mary and Joseph - 1 w 1 m 1 girl

"Pearls of Wisdom" Monologue-Woman
Click here for script with pictures from New York production

"Nobody Famous" - One Act - 6 w

"The Redneck" - One Act - 4 w 3 m

"Trinity Rises" Drama - 2-4 females, 1-3 males (5 total)

"Flowers in the Desert" Full Length Drama - 7 w 2 m

This book includes many monologues for teen actors including: "The Not So Perfect Child" and "First Words" plus "Before You Punch Me", "I Can't Stop", "Sob Story" and "Mess Things Up."


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