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Hidden in the Night

by D. M. Larson

From the play "Big Nose" ISBN-13: 978-1542471077

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What are you doing here?  I am supposed to be in bed asleep.  No,  you can't join me.

(Her anger and surprise changes to worry)

But don't go.  Hide over there.  But not too far away.

(She looks around)

Can you still hear me?  Shhh... I don't want them to hear your voice... But I want you to listen. 

(She becomes sweet and shy)

I want to tell you something.  I know you can't see my face.  The night hides me from you.  But when you get closer I can feel myself blushing.

(She gets excited)

It's because of those things you say to me...

(Then she catches herself and scolds him)

You shouldn't say them... 

(Then saddens) But I want to hear more... I want so badly to hear your sweet words again.


Is it wrong for me to want that?  Is it wrong for me to think what I thinking about you? 

(More determined)

I want more than words... More than compliments.  I want to hear THE words... The words that mean more than all the rest.

(long pause)

  Tell me you love me... I know you feel it but I want to hear the words...

(She closes her eyes and says sweetly)

I love you...

(long pause; she opens her eyes and is stern)

But if you say it and it's a lie...


I don't think I could survive such a lie.


Lovers lie don't they... Would you lie to get a kiss from me?  (pleads)

I only want to hear the truth... Please. Don't tell me lies.  Say you love me! 

(She looks around to see if anyone heard her; long pause; she looks at him nervously)

I hope I don't seem easy. You think I sound too desperate? 

(smiles and laughs a little)

I sound a bit silly like some school girl... it's because I am so crazy about you. 

(pause; more serious

I won't lie to you... I love you. It is true love I feel.  (pause; nervous) 

Maybe I should have lied... I should hidden my love from you.  My love should stayed hidden in the night, never to see the light of day.

(She is startled by a sound)

Someone is coming... Please go away... They can't see you here... no one can... Hurry...

(She watches him go; sadly)

I will send you a kiss good-bye. 

(She blows him a kiss)


Hidden in the Night by D. M. Larson (2-3 minutes) 
from the play "Big Nose" ISBN-13: 978-1542471077

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