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"Facing Death"

by D. M. Larson

from Death Takes the Train 

by D. M. Larson

(A train car is empty.  Groups of people shuffle in and settle in to seats to the right.  People are talking about their trips and their destinations and how tired or hungry they are.  Then after a pause, the Grim Reaper walks on to the train and sits alone at the left side of the train car.)


Why is Death taking the train? Maybe he's not in a hurry anymore. Modern medicine is keeping people alive longer. Now Death can take his time and enjoy the ride.

Maybe he's being very environmentally aware.  Trains burn much less energy than planes and cars.  Death is doing his part to help the Earth.

(Stares at Death a long moment)

I wonder where Death takes people?

I'd like to think there is a heaven.

Just the fact that I see Death sitting over there gives me hope that there is something more beyond life.

I wonder if he would talk to me?  I'd love to ask him about all this.  Life after death... good vs. evil... 

(He gets up excited and then stops, scared)

Wait.  What if Death is here for me?  If he is, maybe I shouldn't rush things.

(He sits and ponders.  Stares at Death. Then he gets a determined look on his face)

Or maybe I should face Death head on without fear.

(Mitch stands and the others huddle in fear.  Mitch takes a few steps toward Death but then slows as he gets closer.  He starts to choke and stumble.  Mitch manages to crawl away and when he gets far enough, he can breathe again.)

MITCH (Cont.)

Note to self. Don't do that again. 


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