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"Mystical Eyes"

by D. M. Larson

From the published play "The Bullied, Bungled and Botched"

"Mystical Eyes" Monologue by D. M. Larson

(Rob Amun is sitting by a museum display of a mummy sarcophagus of a young woman.  Her belongings are in displays around her)


I'm so glad I found you. You're the only one I can talk to.  Definitely the only girl I've ever talked to.  But I feel so comfortable with you.

No one listens to me.  I talk. They change the subject. It's not that I feel like I have something better to say.  I don't know if I have much to say at all. I've never had a chance to try.

But I found you... Here in this museum. Alone with no one to talk to. Like me. Like each other.  Pushed back in a corner and forgotten.  But we aren't alone anymore.

The minute I saw you here, I knew you were special.  There was something magical about your eyes.  I know they aren't your actual eyes, but the eyes they painted you... Mystical eyes that gazed upon me and held me here. Did the artist capture your true eyes?  If so they are the most amazing ones I have ever seen.

You're so pretty.  Such a beautiful princess... Didn't your people believe you were a goddess if you were royalty? I could worship you.  I hope you don't mind me saying that.

What's it like to be worshiped? Not that I want to be.  I imagine there are down sides.  Like Princess Diana... Don't be jealous.  I never met the woman... But she was killed by the people who loved her too much.  I guess it possible to love something too much.  Like Lenny and the rabbit... Hugging and squeezing the life out of what you love so much.  I hope your people didn't do that to you.

It's important to love just enough.  Just enough to know you are loved without hurting the object of your affection.

But you died so young. It's not fair. No one should have such a short life.

Egyptians believed in immortally or some such thing.  You live on, remembered but no one to talk to. Never getting to say anything.

I guess I was a mummy before I met you.  There ...but not being heard.

I wish I could give you what you've given me... A voice.  A chance to exist. A chance to be real.

So much of life is fake. It would be wonderful to be real.. To be real together... A real life for the two of us. 

What would we do first?  Good question.  What does one do for a princess?

Do princesses like picnics?  I know a nice place where we could go.  It's a meadow near a creek.  The sound of water drowns out the world around you.  You only hear the birds and the wind through the leaves.  You watch the clouds and dream.

Did you ever watch the clouds and dream them in to something?  I create the most amazing pictures in the clouds.  I would love to show you how.

I would teach you. Teach you the way to dream beautiful pictures in the sky.

What is my favorite dream?  A Phoenix.  Rising from the ashes and burning brighter than the sun.

Does it sound nice? You want to hear more? What else would we do?

We'd watch the sunset fires burn away the day and hold hands as the colors dazzle us and burn away the worries of today.

Then as the fire dies, the embers float above us and turn to stars.

The stars sparkling down on us like a crown worthy of a princess.

We'd get closer until I was holding you and then you'd fall asleep in my arms, but I couldn't sleep.  I wouldn't want to miss any moment with you.  Holding you, feeling your body close to my own... that would be better than any dream.

Would you like that?  Me too. More than anything.

That's my wish.  The wish for the princess of Giza. 

Giza?  That where you are from isn't it?  Does that make you a geezer?  Sorry. Couldn't resist.

I better go.  What's that?  A gift?  You don't need to give me anything.  Being with you is enough.  I can't take your ring.  Please don't cry.  I would if I could but the museum... I know it's yours but...

Shh... it's alright... I will take it.  Really, I will.  Watch.

(He nervously looks around and crawls over a barrier.  He carefully opens a container and is happy when an alarm doesn't go off.  He picks up the ring and shows her)

This one?  It's beautiful.  Your fingers are so tiny.  You must have the most beautiful hands. 

(He crawls out of barrier and looks around, happy he didn't get caught)

I will cherish this.  This means a lot to me. I've never been given anything by a girl before. I will keep it with me always so I can dream about you... Dream we were made for each other ... I for you and you saved for me.

I love it...

(Steps away)

And I love you.

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